B2B Sales / Transfers Overview

General Overview of the Manifest Transfer process

Topics Covered:

1. Overview of the Sales page

  1. From the Dashboard select Sales. B2B-Sales::Overview01
  2. Only active transfers are displayed on main Sales page.
    • Pending Transfers - Transfers in progress (B2B Sales ID not yet issued.) B2B-Sales::Overview02
    • Outgoing Transfers - Transfers scheduled to be delivered (B2B Sales ID issued.) B2B-Sales::Overview03
    • Incoming Transfers - Transfers scheduled to be received (B2B Sales ID issued.) B2B-Sales::Overview04
  3. Archived transfers are accessible in the upper-right corner of the page:
    • Outgoing: All Active and Done Outgoing B2B Sales Transfers B2B-Sales::Overview05
    • Incoming: All Active and Done Incoming B2B Sales Transfers B2B-Sales::Overview06

2. Overview of the Sales Archive pages

  1. B2B Sales Outgoing Archive: How to view Past Outgoing Transfers
  2. B2B Sales Incoming Archive: How to view Past Incoming Transfers

3. Overview of the Transfer Creation Process

  1. Manifest Lab Samples: How to transfer Lab Samples
  2. Manifest Vendor Samples: How to transfer Vendor Samples
  3. Manifest Budtender Samples: How to transfer Budtender Samples
  4. Manifest Bulk Materials: How to transfer Source Materials
  5. Manifest Retailed Packaged: How to transfer Retail Packaged Materials
  6. Manifest Mature Plants: How to transfer Mature Plants