Overview of Sales / Transfers

General overview of the Manifest Transfer process

Overview of the Sales page

  1. From the Dashboard select Sales.
  2. Only active transfers are displayed on main Sales page.
    • Pending Transfers - Transfers in progress (Transfer ID not issued yet.)
    • Outgoing Transfers - Transfers scheduled to be delivered (Transfer ID issued.)
    • Incoming Transfers - Transfers scheduled to be received (Transfer ID issued. )

Overview of the Sales Archive pages

  1. From the Dashboard select Sales.
  2. Select Outgoing or Incoming.
  3. Hover over any icons on the right side of the page (i.e. 'Red bin = Void', 'Grey Truck = In Transit', 'Black Checkbox = Complete'.)
  4. Use any of the following filters:
    • All, Complete, and Void to display transfers with the corresponding status.
    • Select a Date Range using the Date selectors, then select Go.
    • Select a page number, or Show All to view all pages.
  5. Sort by column by selecting the column header (ID, License, Method, Ship Date, Status, and Sub-Total.)
  6. Select a Transfer ID to view the transfer details.
  7. Select a License to view the Client Detail Report for that license.

Overview of the Transfer Creation Process

  1. From the Dashboard select Sales.
  2. Select Create to start a new B2B Sale.
  3. Fill out the Name, License or Address in the Ship To section.
  4. Select + Add Inventory.
  5. Select a Lot ID or checkbox each Lot that needs to go on the B2B Sale.
    • Use filters such as Product, Variety, and Section to narrow down the selection.
  6. Select Sell
    • Select Sell / Transfer if the checkboxes were used.
  7. If this is a sale, leave the Modifier dropdown set to No Modifier for each Lot.
  8. Type in a quantity to be shipped in the Shipping column for each Lot.
  9. Fill out the Driver, Vehicle, and Depart/Arrive Time and review all details.
  10. Select Create Manifest to finalize the B2B Sale.