Transfer Retail Packaged Material

Retail Transfer of Packaged Inventory

  1. From the Dashboard select Sales.
  2. Select Create to start a new B2B Sale.
  3. Fill out the Name, License or Address for the receiving company.
  4. Select + Add Inventory.
  5. Select a Lot ID or checkbox each Lot that needs to go on the B2B Sale.
    • Use filters such as Product, Variety, and Section to narrow down the selection.
  6. Select Sell
    • Select Sell / Transfer if the checkboxes were used.
  7. If this is a sale, leave the Modifier dropdown set to No Modifier for each Lot listed for sale.
  8. Type in a quantity to be shipped in the Shipping column for each Lot listed.
  9. Fill out the Driver, Vehicle, and Depart/Arrive Time and review all details.
  10. Select Create Manifest to finalize the B2B Sale.