Transfer Budtender Samples (aka Educational Samples)

How to Transfer Budtender Samples (aka Educational Samples)

  1. From the Dashboard select Sales. Sales::Outgoing-Budtender-Sample01
  2. Select Create to start a new B2B Sale. Sales::Outgoing-Budtender-Sample02
  3. Select + Add Inventory. Sales::Outgoing-Budtender-Sample03
  4. Select a Lot ID or checkbox each Lot that should be added to the B2B Sale. Sales::Outgoing-Budtender-Sample04
  5. Select Ship. Sales::Outgoing-Budtender-Sample05
  6. Select a delivery method from the Method dropdown list and fill out the driver details. Sales::Outgoing-Budtender-Sample06
  7. In the *Ship To field lookup a Name, License or Address of the receiving company. Sales::Outgoing-Budtender-Sample07
  8. Fill out the Depart/Arrive dates/times. Sales::Outgoing-Budtender-Sample08
  9. Select the Modifier column (next to magic wand), select Budtender Sample, then select the Green Floppy (Save) button to apply the selection to all Lots. Sales::Outgoing-Budtender-Sample09
  10. If the same quantity is being shipped, select the Shipping column (next to magic wand), type in a quantity, then select the Green Floppy (Save). Otherwise enter each shipping quantity individually.
  11. Select Create Manifest to create the B2B Sale. Sales::Outgoing-Budtender-Sample11