View all Past Incoming Transfers

How to View Previous Incoming Transactions

  1. From the Dashboard select Sales.
  2. Select Incoming.
  3. Hover over any icons on the right side of the page (i.e. 'Red bin = Void', 'Grey Truck = In Transit', 'Black Checkbox = Complete'.)
  4. Use any of the following filters:
    • All, Complete, and Void to display transfers with the corresponding status.
    • Select a Date Range using the Date selectors, then select Go.
    • Select a page number, or Show All to view all pages.
  5. Sort by column by selecting the column header (ID, License, Shipped, Status, and Sub-Total.)
  6. Select a Transfer ID to view the transfer details.
  7. Select a License to view the Client Detail Report for that license.