Transfer Mature Plants

How to Transfer Mature Plants

Method 1: Standard Method

  1. From the Dashboard select Sales. B2B-Sales::Outgoing-Mature-Plants01
  2. Select Create. B2B-Sales::Outgoing-Mature-Plants02
  3. Select Add Inventory. B2B-Sales::Outgoing-Mature-Plants03
  4. Select some Mature Plant inventory
  5. Select Ship. B2B-Sales::Outgoing-Mature-Plants05
  6. Fill out the form details:
    • Delivery Method
    • Driver/Vehicle
    • Destination
    • Departure/Arrival Dates/Times
    • Shipping Quantity
    • Price B2B-Sales::Outgoing-Mature-Plants06
  7. Select Create Manifest. B2B-Sales::Outgoing-Mature-Plants07

Method 2: Workflow Mode

  1. From the Dashboard select the Wand (Workflow) button. B2B-Sales::Outgoing-Mature-Plants08
  2. Select Ship or Recieve. B2B-Sales::Outgoing-Mature-Plants09
  3. Enter a destination under Outgoing Sale. B2B-Sales::Outgoing-Mature-Plants10
  4. Select Create Outgoing. B2B-Sales::Outgoing-Mature-Plants11
  5. Select Mature Plant from the filter dropdown. B2B-Sales::Outgoing-Mature-Plants12
  6. Type in the quantity or select the blue Check button to select the full quantity. Select Next. B2B-Sales::Outgoing-Mature-Plants13
  7. Select a Modifier Option (unnecessary if doing a sale.) Select Next. B2B-Sales::Outgoing-Mature-Plants14
  8. Type in a Unit Price (use the magic wand to auto-fill the full column.) Select Next. B2B-Sales::Outgoing-Mature-Plants15
  9. Fill out the shipping details. Select Next. B2B-Sales::Outgoing-Mature-Plants16
  10. Select Confirm to generate the manifest. B2B-Sales::Outgoing-Mature-Plants17