View All Past Outgoing Transfers

How to View Previous Outgoing Transactions

  1. From the Dashboard select Sales. B2B-Sales::Outgoing-Archive01
  2. Select Outgoing. B2B-Sales::Outgoing-Archive02
  3. Hover over any icons on the right side of the page (i.e. 'Red bin = Void', 'Grey Truck = In Transit', 'Black Checkbox = Complete'.)
  4. Use any of the following filters:
    • All, Complete, and Void to display transfers with the corresponding status.
    • Select a Date Range using the Date selectors, then select Go.
    • Select a page number, or Show All to view all pages.
  5. Sort by column by selecting the column header (ID, License, Method, Ship Date, Status, and Sub-Total.)
  6. Select a B2B Sale's ID to view the transfer details. B2B-Sales::Outgoing-Archive03
  7. Select a License Name to view the Client Detail Report for that license. B2B-Sales::Outgoing-Archive04