Q: How do I redo a manifest? I need to change the driver / vehicle / departure time / inventory item / etc.
A: Go to the manifest, click Copy, then Void & Copy

Q: Does the senders email on the manifest need to be the same as the SAW email? A: Email on Manifest can be whatever you want.

Q: Can you type in multiple emails in the 'Ship to' field on the manifest?
A: Single Email Address ONLY

Q: Does LCB webform email need to be printed? Carried during transport? A: Print the OpenTHC Application Document for Transport

Q: Will users get an update from OpenTHC on weekly uploads being submitted successfully?
A: Yes, we plan to have some CCRS details in the application -- once we figure them out.

Q: Can the "Ship To" and "Sold By" contacts on a manifest be the same email address? A: Yes


Q: On Reports::Plants::Collect what does the date range refer to? A: Raw Weight collection day