Sections Overview

Overview of Creating and Managing Sections

Sections (aka Rooms, Zones, Areas, etc.) are locations within a facility that represent a space where inventory exists. Sections can be represented as a physical room, a smaller section within a physical room (such as a waste corner), a row of grow beds, a container such as a tote that holds inventory, or even a part of a shelf. All in all, Sections represent a physical area where dry or growing inventory is stored.

  1. From the Dashboard select Gears.
  2. Select Settings.
  3. Select Section.
  4. Section columns displayed include:
    • Name - Section Name.
    • Type: Section Type (i.e. Inventory, Plant).
    • License - Owner of a Section.
    • GUID - Unique ID of a Section.
  5. To add a Note to a Section, select the grey Note icon button on the right-hand side. Type in some notes and select Save.
  6. To Archive a section no longer in use, select the green Check (Archive) button.
  7. To view archived (hidden) sections, select Show Archive.
  8. To Un-Archive a section, select the grey Ban (Un-Archive) button.
  9. To create a new section, select Create.
  10. To view a section detail page, select a section name from the Name column.
    • Modify a section by changing the Name, or Quarantine status, and select Save.
    • View a list of associated Inventory/Plants by selecting the Chainlink button.
    • Delete a section only when no Inventory/Plant Lots are associated with the section.