Import a Lab Json Link/File

How to Import lab metrics without manual entry

  1. From the Dashboard look up the Inventory Lot using either option:
    1. Option A: Find the Lot in the Inventory page. Lot::Json-Import01 Lot::Json-Import02
    2. Option B: Find the Lot in the Sales in the Outgoing Lab Manifest. Lot::Json-Import03 Lot::Json-Import04 Lot::Json-Import05 Lot::Json-Import06
  2. From the Inventory View page select Import Report. Lot::Json-Import07
  3. Then do one of two things, depending on the format of the JSON that the Lab provided:
    1. In the top Import Data Link section paste a JSON link and select the corresponding Import button. Lot::Json-Import08 Lot::Json-Import09
    2. In the bottom Import Data section 'drag & drop' or Browse/Choose File and select the corresponding Import button. Lot::Json-Import10 Lot::Json-Import11
  4. Select Update in the Inventory View page to make any changes if any data is inaccurate.
  5. If the COA button in the upper-right is orange you can upload a COA manually. Lot::Json-Import12