Products Overview

General Overview of Products / SKU list.

  1. From the Dashboard select Gears.
  2. Select Settings.
  3. Select Products.
  4. Product details presented include:
    • Name - Product Name
    • Product Type - Product Type
    • License - Owner of that Product
    • GUID - Unique ID of that Product
    • Package - Weight and/or Unit Of Measure (UOM) of that Product.
    • Sell: Sale price applied to all Lots associated with that Procuct.
    • Lots: Number of Lots linked to a specific Product.
  5. You can search by Product Name or filter by Product Type, then select Apply Filter to narrow down the list.
  6. Reset filters using the red X button.
  7. To Archive a Product you no longer want to use, select the green Check button.
  8. To view old unused hidden Products select Show Archive.
  9. To Un-Archive a Product you wish to bring back, select the grey Ban button.
  10. To create a new Product select Create.
  11. You can view an existing Product by selecting a Product Name.
  12. Once a Product is created, all details except the Product Type can be changed by altering the Product details, then selecting Save.