Marketplace Product Manager

Overview of the B2B Marketplace Product Manager

Navigating to Product Manager

  1. Sign into the B2B Marketplace. Marketplace::Product-Manager01
  2. Select the User icon in the upper-right corner. Marketplace::Product-Manager02
  3. Select Product Manager. Marketplace::Product-Manager03

Creating a Listing from Product Manager

  1. From the Product Manager page select Create. Marketplace::Product-Manager04
  2. Follow the steps in Post a For Sale Ad or Post a Wanted Ad to create a new listing.

Editing a Listing from Product Manager

  1. Select a Posting from the list in the Product column. Marketplace::Product-Manager05
  2. Make any necessary changes to the listing.
  3. Select Update Listing to save the changes. Marketplace::Product-Manager06
  4. From the public view page you can also select the Edit button to return to the editor. Marketplace::Product-Manager07