Inventory View Page

How to view an individual Inventory Lot page.

  1. From the Dashboard select Inventory.
  2. Select a single Lot ID.
  3. In the upper-left of the page the individual Lot ID is displayed, along with a status icon.
  4. Below the Lot ID there is a table array with the following information:
    • Variety. - The Variety Name and Variety Code (in brackets) for this Lot.
    • Product. - The Product Name and Product Code (in brackets) for this Lot.
    • Product Type. - The Product Type of the Product Name.
    • Section. - The Section Name and Section Code (in brackets) for this Lot.
    • Quantity. - The available quantity for this Lot.
    • Initial. - The initial available quantity for this Lot.
    • Shipped. - The quantity shipped out on B2B Sale transfers.
    • Sell Price. - The sale price to be carried onto a B2B Sale transfer.
    • Cured. - The date this Lot was cured.
    • Harvested. - The date this Lot was harvested.
    • Created. - The date this Lot was created.
    • License. - The License Name and License Code of the license that owns this Lot.
  5. In the middle are the following function buttons:
    • Print. - Print labels for this Lot.
    • Move. - Move this Lot to a different Section.
    • Note. - Add a Note to this Lot.
    • Add Photo. - Add a photo to this Lot.
    • Split. - Create new Sub-Lots from thsi Lot.
    • Plant. - Plant some Propagation Material (Seeds, Clones, Plant Tissue, and Mature Plant only).
    • Create Lot. - Create Flower Lots from Bulk Flower/Other Material only.
    • Sell. - Add this Lot to a B2B Sale for transfer.
    • Adjust. - Adjust the Weight/Volume of this Lot.
    • Convert. - Convert this Lot into another Product.
    • Modify. - Modify the a Variety / Product / Medical Status for this Lot.
    • Revert. - Undo this conversion and move the Weight/Volume to it's original Parent Lot.
    • Verify. - Verify all the data for this item.
    • Finish. - Zero out a Lot that is giving you some trouble.
    • Finish-Undo. - Undo the Finish process to this Lot.
    • Destroy. - Schedule this Lot for destruction.
  6. In the upper-right there is a space for Laboratory Results to be listed in two ways:
    • Import. - Uploaded lab results using a JSON Link or File.
    • Create. - Manually entered lab results.
  7. Below the Laboratory Results section is a space for notes to be displayed.
  8. Below the function buttons is the Relationship section where plant lineage is tracked.
  9. Below Relationships are Collection Details where details for Harvest Materials are tracked.
  10. At the bottom of every Lot View page is a refresh button (spinning arrows) used to display History for that Lot.