View an Individual Inventory Page

How to View Individual Inventory Lot Details

  1. From the Dashboard select Inventory. Lot::View01
  2. Select a single Lot ID. Lot::View02
  3. In the upper-left of the page the individual Lot ID is displayed, along with a status icon.
  4. Below the Lot ID there is a table array with the following information: Lot::View03
    • Variety. - The Variety Name and Variety Code (in brackets) for this Lot.
    • Product. - The Product Name and Product Code (in brackets) for this Lot.
    • Product Type. - The Product Type of the Product Name.
    • Section. - The Section Name and Section Code (in brackets) for this Lot.
    • Quantity. - The available quantity for this Lot.
    • Initial. - The initial available quantity for this Lot.
    • Shipped. - The quantity shipped out on B2B Sale transfers.
    • Sell Price. - The sale price to be carried onto a B2B Sale transfer.
    • Batch: The batch that this Lot is contained in.
    • Cured. - The date this Lot was cured.
    • Harvested. - The date this Lot was harvested.
    • Created. - The date this Lot was created.
    • License. - The License Name and License Code of the license that owns this Lot.
    • Origin License: The origin license of this lot; only visible for inventory off of an incoming B2B Sale.
  5. In the middle are the following function buttons: Lot::View04
    • Labels. - Print labels for this Lot.
    • Move. - Move this Lot to a different Section.
    • Note. - Add a Note to this Lot.
    • Add Photo. - Add a photo to this Lot.
    • Split. - Create new Sub-Lots from thsi Lot.
    • Plant. - Plant some Propagation Material (Seeds, Clones, Plant Tissue, and Mature Plant only).
    • Create Lot. - Create Flower Lots from Bulk Flower/Other Material only.
    • Sell. - Add this Lot to a B2B Sale for transfer.
    • Adjust. - Adjust the Weight/Volume of this Lot.
    • Convert. - Convert this Lot into another Product.
    • Modify. - Modify the a Variety / Product / Medical Status for this Lot.
    • Revert. - Undo this conversion and move the Weight/Volume to it's original Parent Lot.
    • Verify. - Verify all the data for this item.
    • Finish. - Zero out a Lot that is giving you some trouble.
    • Finish-Undo. - Undo the Finish process to this Lot.
    • Destroy. - Schedule this Lot for destruction.
  6. In the upper-right there is a space for Laboratory Results to be linked in three ways: Lot::View05
    • Import Report. - Uploaded lab results using a JSON Link or File.
    • Link Report: Link an existing lab report using a Lab Result ID.
    • Create Report. - Manually entered lab results.
  7. Once lab results are created the following functions can be executed: Lot::View06
    • Update: Modify existing Lab Results.
    • Publish: Publish newly added results/COAs.
    • Import: Import a new Lab JSON.
    • Print: Print a Lab Summary for this Lot.
    • Resync: Resynchronize Lab Results.
    • Unlink: Remove a Lab Result.
  8. Below the Laboratory Results section is a space for notes to be displayed. Lot::View07
  9. Below the function buttons is the Relationship section where plant lineage is tracked. Lot::View08
  10. At the bottom of every Lot View page is a refresh button (spinning arrows) used to display History for that Lot. Lot::View09