View Origin License Lot Info

How to Origin License information on an Inventory Lot

When you receive Inventory via an Incoming Order, the Origin License information is visible on the Inventory View of each Lot's 'Inventory View Page' off of the Incoming Order. Origin License information is available to be displayed on your Labels, and carries through to subsequent generations when using Convert or Split functions.

To view the Origin License information for any given Accepted Lot, follow the steps below:

  1. From the Dashboard select Sales. Lot::View Origin License01
  2. Select Incoming Lot::View Origin License02
  3. Select an Incoming Order ID in the ID column. Lot::View Origin License03
  4. Select View Inventory. Lot::View Origin License04
  5. Select a Lot ID. Lot::View Origin License05
  6. View the Origin License info on the array on the left side. Lot::View Origin License06