Convert to Vendor Samples

How to Convert Bulk Harvest or Bulk Concentrate Material to Vendor Samples

Method 1: Conventional Convert

  1. From the Dashboard select Inventory.
    • Use filters such as Product, Variety, Section, and Lab Result Tested to narrow down the active inventory. Lot::Convert-Vendor-Sample01
  2. Find the Lot ID of the material that will be used to convert to a vendor sample. Lot::Convert-Vendor-Sample02
  3. Select Convert. Lot::Convert-Vendor-Sample03
  4. Pick a product to package the material into.
    • If the product does not exist then you can create a new Product using the green + button. Lot::Convert-Vendor-Sample04
  5. Enter a Bulk Count. Lot::Convert-Vendor-Sample05
  6. Fill out the remaining details (Package Count, Variety, Section).
  7. Select Convert. Lot::Convert-Vendor-Sample06
  8. Add the item/s to a transfer for manifesting purposes. Lot::Convert-Vendor-Sample07

Method 2: Workflow Convert

  1. From the Dashboard select the Workflow (Magic Wand) button. Lot::Workflow-Convert-Vendor-Sample01
  2. In the Process column select Package. Lot::Workflow-Convert-Vendor-Sample02
  3. Select a Product Type. Lot::Workflow-Convert-Vendor-Sample03
  4. Enter a quantity next to each Vendor Sample product being converted.
    • Use the grey "+" button to make an additional Lot(s) of that product. Lot::Workflow-Convert-Vendor-Sample04
  5. Select Next. Lot::Workflow-Convert-Vendor-Sample05
  6. Pick a source for each output Lot. There are three ways to select a Source Material Lot.
    • Use the magnifying glass to expand the list of Lots, and select a lot using the blue Checked Box button.
    • Type in the Lot ID manually and select it from the dropdown list.
    • Select an entry box and scan the Barcode/QR Code of the Source Material Lot. Lot::Workflow-Convert-Vendor-Sample06 Lot::Workflow-Convert-Vendor-Sample07
  7. Select Next. Lot::Workflow-Convert-Vendor-Sample08
  8. Verify the weights being used. Adjust if any Lots are displayed in red, indicating insufficient input weight.
  9. Select Next. Lot::Workflow-Convert-Vendor-Sample09
  10. Select the Lab Results status. (Lab Results status refers to marking the item as No Additional Test Result Needed or Additional Lab Result Needed.)
  11. Pick a Section.
    • Pro Tip: Select the Section column heading to auto-select the same section for all rows. Lot::Workflow-Convert-Vendor-Sample10
  12. Select Next. Lot::Workflow-Convert-Vendor-Sample11
  13. Select Finish after reviewing the data to create the Vendor Samples. Lot::Workflow-Convert-Vendor-Sample12