Convert Bulk to Intermediate or Retail Product

How to Convert Harvest Materials to Intermediate or End Product (Retail)

  1. From the Dashboard select Inventory.
    • Use filters on Inventory such as Lab Result Tested, Product, Variety, and Section to narrow down the active inventory. Lot::Convert01
  2. Select the Inventory Lot ID for the input Lot that will be used to convert an output Lot. Lot::Convert02
  3. Select Convert. Lot::Convert03
  4. Pick a Product (the output) from the dropdown list.
    • If the product does not exist then Create a new Product using the green + button.
  5. Select the Variety name for the output Lot. Lot::Convert05
  6. Select the Section where the output Lot will go. Lot::Convert06
  7. Enter the Package Count or Bulk Weight depending on the output product chosen.
    • Use the Magic Wand to auto-fill all of the available weight. Lot::Convert07
  8. Select the Lab Result status. Lot::Convert08
  9. Check that your Source Lots and Output Lots weights are correct.
  10. Select Convert. Lot::Convert09