Label Designer Overview

Discover the features of the OpenTHC built-in custom label designer.

  1. From the Dashboard select Labels.
    • Alternative Method: Select Gears, then Settings, then Labels.\ Labels::Overview01
  2. Select Design New Label or select View Formats button to each label size visually. Labels::Overview02
  3. Pick a Format (Label Size). Labels::Overview03
  4. Select from the Data Fields dropdown menu, then select + to add a field to the label.
    • Pro-Tip: Use the B, C, and G buttons next to the label size display to:
      • B: Toggle Print Bleed - for containing fields inside the label dimensions.
      • C: Toggle Circular Mask - for creating circular labels.
      • G: Toggle Alignment Grid - for alignment precision. Labels::Overview04
  5. Move the Data Field around by clicking and holding on the datafield with the cursor.
    • Pro Tip: If you hover over the Data Field you can see a description in the bottom-left corner, above the label size display. Labels::Overview05
  6. Once selected, use Text Field Options to make changes to Font, Size, Color, and more. Labels::Overview06
  7. To rotate a field, pinch the box protruding from the middle of the field, then rotate. Labels::Overview07
  8. Add Symbols such as a QR Code, Standard Barcode, and Images. Labels::Overview08
  9. Add Shapes and edit the Line Width and Line Color of shapes. Labels::Overview09
  10. To remove a Data Field select the field and select Remove Item. Labels::Overview10
  11. To view an sample PDF of the label, select Preview. Labels::Overview11
  12. To save the label, select Save, enter a name, then Save. Labels::Overview12
  13. To clear a labels contents, select Clear. Labels::Overview13
  14. To remove a saved label, select Delete. Labels::Overview14
  15. To copy a label, select Copy, enter new name, then Save. Labels::Overview15