Label Designer Overview

Discover the features of the OpenTHC built-in custom label designer.

  1. From the Dashboard select Labels.
    • Alternative Method: Select Gears, then Settings, then Labels.
  2. Select Design New Label.
  3. Pick a Format (Label Size) in the upper-left corner.
    • Alternative Method: Select the Formats button to view a page with all label sizes.
  4. Select from the Data Fields dropdown menu, then select + to add a field to the label.
    • Pro-Tip: Use the B, C, and G buttons next to the label size display to:
      • B: Toggle Print Bleed - for containing fields inside the label dimensions.
      • C: Toggle Circular Mask - for creating circular labels.
      • G: Toggle Alignment Grid - for alignment precision.
  5. Move the Data Field around by clicking and holding on the datafield with the cursor.
    • Pro Tip: If you hover over the Data Field you can see a description in the bottom-left corner, above the label size display.
  6. Add Text - Fixed and Text - Macro fields to add your own words to a label.
  7. Once selected, use Text Field Options to make changes to Font, Size, Color, and more.
  8. To rotate a field, pinch the box protruding from the middle of the field, then rotate.
  9. Add Symbols such as a QR Code, Standard Barcode, and Images.
  10. Add Shapes and edit the Line Width and Line Color of shapes.
  11. To remove a Data Field select the field and select Remove Item.
  12. To view an sample PDF of the label, select Preview.
  13. To save the label, select Save, enter name, then Save.
  14. To clear a labels contents, select Clear.
  15. To remove a saved label, select Delete.
  16. To copy a label, select Copy, enter new name, then Save.