Add Inventory to the POS

How to Add Inventory to the Terminal

After receiving Inventory Lots into the back-end system, use these steps to add pricing to the lots. This is the only way to make Inventory appear in the POS terminal.

  1. From the Dashboard select Inventory. POS::Add-Inventory01
  2. Select a Lot ID. POS::Add-Inventory02
  3. Select the Price field and enter a price. POS::Add-Inventory03
  4. Select Inventory to repeat step 3 for as many Lots that need pricing. POS::Add-Inventory04
  5. Select the Dashboard (OpenTHC) icon. POS::Add-Inventory05
  6. Select Launch POS. POS::Add-Inventory06
  7. Select POS. POS::Add-Inventory07
  8. Type in a user PIN and select the Right Arrow button. POS::Add-Inventory08
  9. Select the Magnifying Glass icon. POS::Add-Inventory09
  10. All the Lots with price added are displayed. POS::Add-Inventory10