Marketplace Order Manager

Overview of the B2B Marketplace Order Manager

  1. Sign into the B2B Marketplace. Marketplace::Order-Manager01
  2. Select the User icon in the upper-right corner. Marketplace::Order-Manager02
  3. Select Order Manager. Marketplace::Order-Manager03
  4. View from a list of Pending Sales (your sales). Marketplace::Order-Manager04
  5. View from a list of Pending Purchase Orders (your purchases). Marketplace::Order-Manager05
  6. Select Archive to view past orders. Marketplace::Order-Manager06
  7. Select a Sale ID or Purchase Order ID to do the following: Marketplace::Order-Manager07
    • Accept - Accept an order.
    • Void - Void an order.
    • Archive - Hide an order.
    • Export - Export order to traceability system. Marketplace::Order-Manager08