Workflow Mode: Issue Employee Samples for Internal Sampling

How to Issue Employee Samples using Workflow

  1. From the Dashboard select the Wand (Workflow) button. Workflow::Samples-Employees01
  2. Select Samples under Sales. Workflow::Samples-Employees02
  3. Select Employee. Workflow::Samples-Employees03
  4. Checkbox an employee(s) to issue samples to. Workflow::Samples-Employees04
  5. Select Next. Workflow::Samples-Employees05
  6. Checkbox the Lots to be issued as samples. Workflow::Samples-Employees06
  7. Select Next. Workflow::Samples-Employees07
  8. Enter a Unit Count under Quantity. Workflow::Samples-Employees08
  9. Select Create Samples. Workflow::Samples-Employees09