Workflow Mode: Convert to Intermediate Concentrate

How to Convert Harvest Materials to Bulk Concentrate using Workflow

  1. From the Dashboard select the Workflow (Magic Wand) button. Workflow::Process-Production-Extract01
  2. Select Process under the Process column. Workflow::Process-Production-Extract02
  3. Select an Intermediate Product Type under Production Extracts. The options are:
    • CO2 Concentrate.
    • Ethonol Concentrate.
    • Food Grade Solvent Concentrate.
    • Hydrocarbon Concentrate.
    • Infused Cooking Medium.
    • Non-Solvent Based Concentrate. Workflow::Process-Production-Extract03
  4. Checkbox the Source Material Lots to be used. Workflow::Process-Production-Extract04
  5. Select Next. Workflow::Process-Production-Extract05
  6. Enter the output quantity under Create. Select Next.
    • Select the + button to add multiple output rows. Workflow::Process-Production-Extract06
  7. Pick a Variety and Section. Workflow::Process-Production-Extract07
  8. Select Finish. Workflow::Process-Production-Extract08