Print Waste Inventory Labels

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How to Print Waste Labels from a Waste View Page

Method 1: Print Labels from Waste Page

  1. From the Dashboard select Inventory. Lot::Waste-Print01
  2. Select the grey Bin icon in the upper-right corner. Lot::Waste-Print02
  3. Select a Waste Lot ID in the GUID column. Lot::Waste-Print03
  4. Select Labels/Print. Lot::Waste-Print04

Method 2: Print Labels from an Inventory Lot

  1. From the Dashboard select Inventory. Lot::Waste-Print05
  2. Change the Active Inventory filter to Scheduled for Destruction. Lot::Waste-Print06
  3. Select Apply Filter. Lot::Waste-Print07
  4. Select an Inventory Lot ID. Lot::Waste-Print08
  5. Select the ID in the Waste Details section at the bottom of the page. Lot::Waste-Print09
  6. Select Labels/Print. Lot::Waste-Print10