Split / Sub-Lot Inventory into New Lots

How to Sub-Lot or Split weight from one Lot into brand new Lots

  1. From the Dashboard select Inventory. Lot::Split01
    • Use filters on Inventory such as Lab Result Tested, Product, Variety, and Section to narrow down the active inventory.
  2. Select the Lot ID for the concentrate Lot that will be used to be convert into Concentrate for Inhalation. Lot::Split02
  3. Select Split. Lot::Split03
  4. Enter a value in the Amount that you wish to split off from the main Lot. Lot::Split04
  5. Select a desired Section to move this new Lot to. Lot::Split05
  6. Select the blue + button to create another Split from the main Lot. Lot::Split06
  7. Select the red Bin button to remove a potential Split. Lot::Split07
  8. Select Create Sub Lots to Split the inventory. Lot::Split08