Link a Lab Result to an Inventory Lot

How to Link a Lab Result ID from One Inventory Lot to Another

  1. From the Dashboard select Inventory. Lot::Lab-Result-Link01
  2. Find the Lot with the Lab Results you would like to link. Lot::Lab-Result-Link02
  3. Highlight and copy the Result ID in the Laboratory Information section (on the right side of the Inventory View page). Lot::Lab-Result-Link03
  4. Select Inventory again. Lot::Lab-Result-Link04
  5. Select the ID of the Lot that will need the lab results linked.
    • Use filters such as ‘Lab Result Tested’, ‘Product’, ‘Variety’, and ‘Section’ to narrow down the active inventory
    • An alternative method to choosing a filter is to start from the Dashboard and scroll to the Inventory Overview and select a ‘Product’ or ‘Section’ Lot::Lab-Result-Link05
  6. Select Link Report. Lot::Lab-Result-Link06
  7. Type or Paste the Lab Result ID (make sure to remove any spaces, the ID needs to be a single alpha-numeric string). Lot::Lab-Result-Link07
  8. Select Link. Lot::Lab-Result-Link08