View Lab Index Page

How to view the Comprehensive Lab Index Page

  1. From the Dashboard select Inventory. Lot::Lab-Main01
  2. Select Lab in the upper-right corner. Lot::Lab-Main02
  3. View by Result ID, Sample ID, Origin, etc. Lot::Lab-Main03
  4. Use the Search Bar to lookup Results IDs and Sample IDs. Lot::Lab-Main04
  5. Use Sort Options to select a sort option. Lot::Lab-Main05
  6. Use the Sort button to sort by the selected sort option. Lot::Lab-Main06
  7. Publish/Re-Publish results using the Bullhorn icon. Lot::Lab-Main07
  8. View Share Link using the green share icon. Lot::Lab-Main08
  9. When many Results/Reports exist use the page buttons to flip to the next page. Lot::Lab-Main09