Find Lot IDs

How to Find Lot ID's with suggestions about filtering. Use these tips and tricks to find a Lot ID easily.

Tip 1: Filters via Inventory

  1. From the Dashboard select Inventory.
  2. Select a filter at the top (Active Inventory, Product Type, Product, Variety, and Section.)
  3. Select Apply Filter
  4. Select red X button to clear the filters.

Tip 2: Filters via Dashboard

  1. From the Dashboard scroll down to Plants Overview or Inventory Overview.
  2. Select a Variety, Product, or Section from any of the following to apply a filter.
    • Plant Variety Counts
    • Plant/Section Counts
    • Source Material :: Lot Count
    • Retail Packaged :: Lot Count
    • Retail Packaged :: Unit Count
    • Sections :: Lot Count

Tip 3: Search Bar

  1. From any page select the Search Box at the top of the page.
  2. Scan a barcode or key in a Lot ID, Variety, Product, or other search term.
  3. Select the green magnifying glass button or push Enter/Return on the keyboard.

Tip 4: Ctrl+F

  1. From the Dashboard select Inventory.
  2. Select *Show All to display a full list of inventory.
  3. On the keyboard hold down Shift and select the F key.
  4. Key in a Lot ID to search the whole page.

Tip 5: Bookmark (Most Recently Used)

  1. From the Dashboard select Plants or Inventory.
  2. Select the Bookmark button in the upper-left corner.
  3. Select a Lot ID from the list.