Create a Dynamic Label Field

Learn how to set-up dynamic label fields to automate the visibility of ever-changing data.

  1. From the Dashboard select Gears icon. Labels::Text-Macro-Create01
  2. Select Settings. Labels::Text-Macro-Create02
  3. Select Labels.
  4. Select an existing label layout or Design New Label. Labels::Text-Macro-Create04
  5. Select the Data Fields dropdown. Labels::Text-Macro-Create05
  6. In the General section find Text - Macro and select the (+) button next to Data Fields to add the field to the Layout. Labels::Text-Macro-Create06
  7. Double-Click on the Text - Macro field to rename the field (ex. "Recieving UBI", "Terpenes", "Total Cannabinoids", etc.) Labels::Text-Macro-Create07
  8. Select Save to name the label and add it to the Layouts list. Labels::Text-Macro-Create08