Print Origin License Lot Info on Labels

How to Print Origin License information on Inventory Labels

When you receive Inventory via an Incoming Order, the Origin License information is visible on the Inventory View of each Lot's 'Inventory View Page' off of the Incoming Order. You can use the Origin License information to automatically populate labels with the 'Origin License' fields, such as 'Origin License Name', 'Origin License UBI' and 'Origin License Number'. To add an 'Origin License' field to a label, follow these instructions.

  1. From the Dashboard select Labels. Lot::Print Origin License01
  2. Select an existing label in the list or Design New Label. Lot::Print Origin License02
  3. Select the Data Fields dropdown menu. Lot::Print Origin License03
  4. Scroll towards the bottom of the list (Company section) and select any of the following:
    • Origin License Name for the Origin License Name.
    • Origin License Code for the Origin License Number.
    • Origin License ID for the Origin License UBI.
  5. Add the data field using the '+' button. Lot::Print Origin License04
  6. Save the label. Lot::Print Origin License05 Lot::Print Origin License06
  7. Then whenever you print labels for an Inventory Lot with Origin License details using this label, the Origin License information will display on the label in the spot that the data field was placed. Lot::Print Origin License07 Lot::Print Origin License08 Lot::Print Origin License09