Share Lab Portal Results

How to share lab portal results via WCIA/JSON link or file

  1. From the Dashboard select the Toolkit dropdown. Lab-Portal::Share-JSON01
  2. Under Lab Portal select Connect. Lab-Portal::Share-JSON02
  3. Select Reports. Lab-Portal::Share-JSON03
  4. Select a Report in the Report column. Lab-Portal::Share-JSON04
  5. Select the grey download dropdown menu. Lab-Portal::Share-JSON05
  6. Select any of the following to share the JSON/WCIA link.
    • The Printer icon to view the JSON/WCIA file.
    • The Download icon to download the JSON/WCIA file.
    • The Clipboard icon to copy a link to the JSON/WCIA file. Lab-Portal::Share-JSON06
  7. Paste in an email or other platform to share with a client.