Make a Lab Sample

How to make a lab sample

Before making a Sample, the inventory needs to be accepted via an Order. To accept an Order, please visit the Receiving an Order or Create Initial Inventory Manually page before proceeding to the 'Make a Sample' step.

  1. From the Dashboard select Inventory. Lab-Portal::Create-Sample01
  2. Select the Lot ID of an Accepted Lot. Lab-Portal::Create-Sample02
  3. Select Make Sample. Lab-Portal::Create-Sample03
  4. Verify and/or change the following information:
    • Sample ID
    • Source License
    • Source Lot ID
    • Product Type
    • Product Name
    • Variety (Strain)
    • Quantity
    • Unit of Measure (UOM) Lab-Portal::Create-Sample04
  5. Select Save. Lab-Portal::Create-Sample05