Add a Lab Result to a Lab Sample

How to add a lab result to a lab sample

  1. From the Dashboard select the Toolkit dropdown. Lab-Portal::Add-a-Result01
  2. Select Connect under Lab Portal. Lab-Portal::Add-a-Result02
  3. Select Samples. Lab-Portal::Add-a-Result03
  4. FInd the Sample ID and select Add Result. Lab-Portal::Add-a-Result04
  5. Enter potency values for General, Cannabinoid, Terpene, etc. Lab-Portal::Add-a-Result05
  6. If no edits need to be made select Save & Commit. Otherwise select Save.
    • NOTE: There is no way to edit committed results. Lab-Portal::Add-a-Result06
  7. To make edits before committing, select Edit. Lab-Portal::Add-a-Result07
  8. Make the necessary changes and select Save. Lab-Portal::Add-a-Result08
  9. To finally commit the results select Commit. Lab-Portal::Add-a-Result09