Importing from BioTrack API

If must have access to the BioTrack API typically at some server like or something. Then simply configure OpenTHC to connect to that CRE, enter your credentials and wait for the sync operation.

Importing from BioTrack SQL

If you no longer (or never) had access to the serverjson.asp script from BioTrack then you can import directly from their SQL. They use a PostgreSQL database, which is very handy for us. Typically the BioTrack server will also have a copy of pgAdmin installed. Using pgAdmin connect to, username is postgres and the password is typically blank/empty. Then use the pgAdmin tools to make a backup of the database (be sure to get the schema and the data). Import that into a new database, perhaps a more accessible instance of PostgreSQL.

Scripts exist in our data project that can import from BioTrack SQL.

./bin/biotrack/import-sql.php [Source DSN] [Target DSN]

The Source DSN should point to the original or archive copy of the BioTrack database. The Target DSN should point to your existing OpenTHC database.

Post Processing

Variety/Strain information will need to be audited and consolidated(merged).

Crop/Plant data will need to be audited to ensure the correct counts and strain names have been applied.

B2B Transaction pricing may also need some review, due to unit count/price source-data issues.