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Overview of Dashboard

General overview of the Dashboard (Home Page)

  1. On the Dashboard there are three main sections (Sales, Plants, Inventory) with their sub selections.
  2. Each section has two parts: an interactive donut chart and corresponding list. Hover over and select a piece of the donut chart or select a name from the list to filter to that Variety/Product/Section.

    Transfer Overview

    • Active - Active Transfers (Outgoing + Incoming.)
    • Order Value - Value of all unreleased Outgoing Transfers.
    • Accept - Number of Incoming Transfers ready to be accepted.
    • Incoming - Number of Active Incoming Transfers. Dashboard::Overview01

    Plants Overview

    • Plant Stages - Filter by the main plant stages:
      • Growing - Active Growing Plants.
      • Wet / Drying - List of all Active Drying Plants.
      • Dry / Unfinished - List of all Active Collections.
      • Destruction Pending - List of all Unconfirmed Waste.
    • Plant Variety Counts - Variety/Strain filters.
    • Plant/Section Counts - Section/Room filters. Dashboard::Overview02

    Inventory Overview

    • Source Material :: Lot Count - Filter by Bulk Inventory (Harvest/Intermediate) Lots.
    • Retail Packaged :: Lot Count - Filter by Retail Packaged (End Product/Retail) Lots.
    • Retail Packaged :: Unit Count - Filter by Retail Packaged (End Product/Retail) Units.
    • Sections :: Lot Count - Filter by Inventory Section. Dashboard::Overview03