Overview of Dashboard

General overview of the Dashboard (Home Page)

  1. Sign-in to your OpenTHC account.
  2. On the Dashboard there are three main sections with their sub selections.
  3. Each section has two parts: an interactive donut chart and corresponding list. Hover over and select a piece of the donut chart or select a name from the list to filter to that Variety/Product/Section.

    Transfer Overview

    • Active - Active Transfers (Outgoing + Incoming.)
    • Order Value - Value of all unreleased Outgoing Transfers.
    • Accept - Number of Incoming Transfers ready to be accepted.
    • Incoming - Number of Active Incoming Transfers.

    Plants Overview

    • Plant Stages - Filter by the main plant stages:
      • Growing - Active Growing Plants.
      • Wet / Drying - List of all Active Drying Plants.
      • Dry / Unfinished - List of all Active Collections.
      • Destruction Pending - List of all Unconfirmed Waste.
    • Plant Variety Counts - Variety/Strain filters.
    • Plant/Section Counts - Section/Room filters.

    Inventory Overview

    • Source Material :: Lot Count - Filter by Bulk Inventory (Harvest/Intermediate) Lots.
    • Retail Packaged :: Lot Count - Filter by Retail Packaged (End Product/Retail) Lots.
    • Retail Packaged :: Unit Count - Filter by Retail Packaged (End Product/Retail) Units.
    • Sections :: Lot Count - Filter by Inventory Section.