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How to Manage the Client Directory

Cannabis Company Directory -- Your Client/Vendor List

  1. From the Dashboard select Directory. Dashboard::App-Directory01
  2. View an alphabetical list of all licenses you've done business with. Dashboard::App-Directory02
  3. Each page displays a maximum of 100 licenses per page. To move back or forward a page, select the Arrow buttons at the top or bottom of the page. Dashboard::App-Directory03 Dashboard::App-Directory04
  4. To make a search query, type in a license Name/Number in the search box, choose a License Type (optional), and select Search. Dashboard::App-Directory05 Dashboard::App-Directory06 Dashboard::App-Directory07
  5. To clear a search, select the red X button. Dashboard::App-Directory08
  6. Download a spreadsheet file of the dataset by selecting the Down Arrow (download) button. Dashboard::App-Directory09
  7. View a Client Detail Report by selecting a License Number. Dashboard::App-Directory10
  8. View a Global Directory license page by selecting the external link button. Dashboard::App-Directory11
  9. Refresh a license by selecting the refresh icon button. Dashboard::App-Directory12
  10. Remove a license by selecting the ban icon button. Dashboard::App-Directory13
  11. Add a missing company to the list by selecting Create. Dashboard::App-Directory14
  12. Fill out the company details then select Save. Dashboard::App-Directory15