Re-Veg Destroyed Plants

How to Re-Vegetate Dead Plants to a Growing Status

  1. From the Dashboard select Plants. Crop::Re-Veg01
  2. In the Active/Growing dropdown select Destroy/Scheduled or Destroy Confirmed or Archived. Crop::Re-Veg02
  3. Select Apply Filter. Crop::Re-Veg03
  4. Select the Plant Lot ID of the plant that needs to be re-vegged. Crop::Re-Veg04
  5. Select Destroy Undo. Crop::Re-Veg05
  6. Select Re-Veg. Crop::Re-Veg06

How to Re-Veg Multiple Plants

  1. Find the plants that need to be re-vegged using the Plants, Collections, or other pages.
  2. Select the Checkbox for each Plant ID. Crop::Re-Veg-Bulk01
  3. Select ...More. Crop::Re-Veg-Bulk02
  4. Select Re-Veg. Crop::Re-Veg-Bulk03
  5. Enter a Reason for re-vegging. Crop::Re-Veg-Bulk04
  6. Select the Date. Crop::Re-Veg-Bulk05
  7. Select a Section. Crop::Re-Veg-Bulk06
  8. Select Re-Veg again. Crop::Re-Veg-Bulk07
  9. Notice the plant icons switch to a green icon (Live Plant.) Crop::Re-Veg-Bulk08