Creating Clones (aka Propagation) is a process for taking cuttings from a growing plant in order to create an Clone Inventory Lot. Once this clone collection process is complete, a single Inventory tag may be printed to represent the group of clones. Each clone does not needs it's own ID tag until they reach 8"-12" in height.

Create Clones

How to collect Clones from your Mother plants.

  1. From the Dashboard select Plants.
  2. Filter down to a specific Variety or Section.
    • Alternative method: From the Dashboard in the Plants Overview select a Variety or Section.
  3. Select the Mother Plant ID which have the cuttings taken.
  4. Select Collect.
  5. Select Collect Cuttings/Clones.
    • Alternative Method: Select the checkbox next to the mother plant > Select ...More > Select Clone.
  6. Enter the number of Cuttings.
  7. Select an output Product, Variety, and Section.
  8. Select Create Propagation Lots.