Plant View Page

How to view an individual Plant Lot page

  1. From the Dashboard select Plants. Crop::View-Overview01
  2. Select a single Plant Lot ID. Crop::View-Overview02
  3. In the upper-left the individual Plant ID is displayed, along with a status icon(s). Crop::View-Overview03
  4. In the upper-left side there is a table array with the following information:
    • Variety.
    • Section.
    • Stage.
    • License.
    • Planted. Crop::View-Overview04
  5. In the upper-right note(s) are displayed. Crop::View-Overview05
  6. In the middle are the following function buttons:
    • Labels.
    • Move.
    • Note.
    • Collect.
    • Modify.
    • Convert.
    • Split.
    • Verify.
    • Destroy. Crop::View-Overview06
  7. Plant Journal exists below the function buttons where phase events are logged. Crop::View-Overview07
  8. Below Plant Journal exist Relationships where plant lineage data is tracked and linked. Crop::View-Overview08
  9. Below Relationships exist Collection Details where harvest details are tracked and linked. Crop::View-Overview09
  10. History exists at the very bottom of the page which expands using the Expand icon, showing all change logs for a plant. Crop::View-Overview10