Plant a Plant (Seed, Clone, Plant Tissue, Mature Plant)

How to Create a Plant from Seed, Clone, Etc.

  1. From the Dashboard select Inventory.
  2. Use filters such as Product Type, Variety and Section to narrow down your active inventory.
    • Alternative method: On the Dashboard under Source Material :: Lot Count or Sections :: Lot Count select a Product or Section.
  3. Select the Lot ID or item checkbox for inventory Lot(s) that need planting.
    • NOTE 1: You can select multiple Varieties to plant at the same time.
    • NOTE 2: Selecting the inventory GUID lets you just plant that one item, while selecting checkbox would allow you to plant more than one item.
  4. Select Plant.
  5. Select the planted Quantity, Section, Planted Date, and Plant Stage.
  6. Select Create Plants.