Plant Propagation Materials

How to Plant from Seed, Clone, Plant Tissue, or Mature Plant

  1. From the Dashboard select Inventory. Crops::Plant01
  2. Use filters such as Product Type, Variety and Section to narrow down your active inventory. Crops::Plant02
    • Alternative method: On the Dashboard under Source Material :: Lot Count or Sections :: Lot Count select a Product or Section.
  3. Select the Lot ID or item checkbox for inventory Lot(s) that need planting. Crops::Plant03
    • NOTE 1: You can select multiple Varieties to plant at the same time.
    • NOTE 2: Selecting the inventory GUID lets you just plant that one item, while selecting checkbox would allow you to plant more than one item.
  4. Select Plant. Crops::Plant04
  5. Select the planted Quantity, Section, Planted Date, and Plant Stage. Crops::Plant05
  6. Select Create Plants. Crops::Plant06