Plants that have been harvested (collected) and cured weigh less than when they were initially harvested.

Collect Net (Dry) Materials

How to Collect Net (Dry) Weight after Curing

  1. From the Dashboard select Plants.
  2. Change the Active/Growing filter to Active/Collect and select Apply Filter.
    • Alternative Method: From the Dashboard under Plants Overview select Wet/Drying.
  3. Use filters such as Variety and/or Section to narrow down the harvested plants.
    • Alternative Method: Sort by Updated or Age to find the most recent plants for collection.
  4. Select the checkbox for each Plant that is being cured.
  5. Select ...More (More Options.)
  6. Select Cure.
  7. Enter the Grade A Net Weight and/or Grade B Net Weight, Product, Section, and Collection Time.
  8. Select Collect Net Materials.