Destroy Plants

How to Schedule Plants for Destruction

  1. From the Dashboard select Plants. Crop::Destroy01
  2. Select a Plant lot ID Crop::Destroy02 or Checkbox each Plant that needs to be Scheduled for Destruction. Crop::Destroy03
  3. Select Destroy. Crop::Destroy04
  4. NOTE: If Plants were selected using checkboxes then select ...More (More Options), then select Destroy. Crop::Destroy05 Crop::Destroy06
  5. Enter in a Reason for the destruction. Crop::Destroy07
  6. Select a Destruction Date. Crop::Destroy08
  7. Select a Section. Crop::Destroy09
  8. Select Destroy. Crop::Destroy10
  9. Select the red Bin button to confirm the destruction. Crop::Destroy11