This feature is only available for HEMP type licenses. If you are a recreational cannabis licensee this feature should not be an option.

Combine Plants

How to combine plants into a single Lot ID.

  1. From the Dashboard select Plants. Crop::Crop-Combine01
  2. Select the Checkbox for each Plant ID to be combined. Crop::Crop-Combine02
  3. Select ...More. Crop::Crop-Combine03
  4. Select Combine. Crop::Crop-Combine04
  5. Select the Section that the Plant will be moved to. Crop::Crop-Combine05
  6. Select Combine. Crop::Crop-Combine06
  7. View the Crops count at the top of the list Crop::Crop-Combine07
  8. Or view the Crops cound on the Inventory main page. Crop::Crop-Combine08
  9. If you are not able to see the Crops column, select the blue Gear icon. Crop::Crop-Combine09
  10. Then select Crops and you will see a column with a Crop Count in each Lot. Crop::Crop-Combine10