Upload Variety Names

How to Upload Variety Names in Bulk

  1. From the Dashboard select Gears. Config::Variety-Import0
  2. Select Settings. Config::Variety-Import0
  3. Select Variety. Config::Variety-Import0
  4. Select the Asterisk (Star Menu) in the upper-right corner. Config::Variety-Import0
  5. Select Import. Config::Variety-Import0
  6. Enter a Variety Name. Config::Variety-Import0
  7. Press the Return/Enter key on your keyboard to drop to a new row.
  8. Enter another Variety Name.
  9. Repeat steps 7-8 until all new Variety Names are listed.
  10. Expand the text box by pinching the corner and expanding. Config::Variety-Import0
  11. Select a License under Add to License. Config::Variety-Import0
  12. Select Preview. Config::Variety-Import0
  13. Make changes or fix typos in the text box fields.
  14. Select Reconcile. Config::Variety-Import0
  15. Choose Skip Variety from the dropdown to skip adding a variety. Config::Variety-Import0
  16. Select Commit. Config::Variety-Import0