Section Lots Unlink

How to Unlink Lots from a Section

  1. From the Dashboard select the Gears icon. Config::Section-Lots-Unlink01
  2. Select Settings. Config::Section-Lots-Unlink02
  3. Select Section. Config::Section-Lots-Unlink03
  4. Select a Section Name. Config::Section-Lots-Unlink04
  5. Select Chainlink button next to Inventory and/or Plants. Config::Section-Lots-Unlink05
  6. Select all listed Lots using the Checkbox selector. Config::Section-Lots-Unlink06
  7. Select Move. Config::Section-Lots-Unlink07
  8. Select a new section. Config::Section-Lots-Unlink08
  9. Select Confirm Move. Config::Section-Lots-Unlink09
  10. Repeat until zero Lots are associated with the section.

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