Connect to the CCRS environment in OpenTHC

Initial set-up.

NOTE: Once you switch, you are not able to go back.

  1. From your Dashboard select the Gears icon. Settings::Compliance-CCRS01
  2. Select Settings. Settings::Compliance-CCRS02
  3. Select Compliance. Settings::Compliance-CCRS03
  4. Select Modify. Settings::Compliance-CCRS04
  5. Change the Region to Washington / CCRS. Settings::Compliance-CCRS05
  6. Select Next. Settings::Compliance-CCRS06
  7. Enter a digital signature (ex. “/Steve Smith/”). Settings::Compliance-CCRS07
  8. Select Sign and Confirm. Settings::Compliance-CCRS08
  9. Select the checkbox.
  10. Select the “I totally get it, do the big thing!” button.