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Washington State LCB has announced a replacement for LeafData: CCRS Instead of reporting data to the LCB via LeafData, we'll just be uploading the necessary CSV data-files to the LCB/CCRS system.

Integrators Working Together

We're part of a group of ten (and growing) integrators and laboratories that are working together to make this process as smooth as we can. The group has worked together to create a data-model and will be working in data-transport solutions this coming week.

Help us Test CCRS

We could use some help, call me direct and we can help sort it out. You'll have to register with precannabisreporting.lcb.wa.gov and then add us as an integrator.

Please call me (David Busby) direct if you have any questions about the CCRS migration: +1 206 391 8470