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Washington State LCB has announced a replacement for LeafData: CCRS

What this means for you is not much really. Instead of reporting data to the LCB via LeafData, we'll just be uploading the necessary CSV data-files to the LCB/CCRS system.

You may remember our efforts for distributed, federated system from the 2017/2018 BioTrack/CSV/LeafData shit-show the LCB put us through. That effort is still alive! We are working with parties across the industry to bring things together. Our objective is to create common data-model for all these systems to talk to each other.

B2B Data Transfers

When LeafData is gone there will no longer be any direct data transfer of electronic data to the buyer (ie: YOUR CLIENT). We are currently working with industry associations, as well as other software integrators directly to resolve these issues.

Laboratory Data Transfers

Similar electronic data-transfer issues with laboratories exist as well. We have active conversations with four labs and are continuing to reach out to all the others. We have begun pilot-testing of these operations with one of the labs.


LCB is messing with the system again, but don't worry we got you. Actively working across the industry to keep the electronic data flowing.

If you have any questions you can reach me (David Busby) via email (djb@opentc.com) or phone +1 206 391 8470. You can share my contact information with other licensees, if they are looking for answers.