CCRS B2B Sales Process

Here is the process for the B2B Sales

  1. Origin_License creates the records in their system, whatever it is
  2. Origin_License does some operation to upload this to the LCB via this form:
  3. LCB sends email to the addresses entered for both Origin and Target (any email address you choose)
  4. Target_License saves the bullshit email from the LCB from 3.
  5. Origin_License also gets an email from LCB from 3; but they have a PDF attachment -- do they save it? Ignore? IDK? Maybe they'll upload it back into their software? [1]
  6. Origin_License sends some information (ie: data-link, data-file) to Target_License -- optional, if your software supports it [2]
  7. Target_License drops, imports, uploads (something) into their software which processes that data into a reasonable intake format, maybe review, then save [3]

See, easy, right?

[1] some of these workflows we couldn't even determine what to do until today because these systems were unavailable until today. Like the manifest upload form that sucks. We were also part of the "smoke test" starting on the 3rd and that time was spent finding new bugs in their uploads (you saw emails where they had to claw-back calling a bug a fucking bug (ask Greg, he knows) -- it's an JDMF B_U_G FS!! ). I could go on and on about how this bug should never have happened and that it did is a clear indicator of the low-quality of their software -- which, we'll never get to see -- they hide their code to protect privacy -- but, it's only possible to trust open-code -- and we could help them -- but now I'm showing my zeal for free and open software so I'll stop before I rant too much.

[2] All the integrators worked together to make this work -- however it has not received a lot of excercise yet -- this first week will be bumpy -- if your integrator hasn't told you that then I'll speak for them. It's going to be bumpy, there will be things this first week that suck -- and really suck. But the integrators have open channels with each other -- and the labs are playing along. It should be noted that because there is no central common ground the level of integration, where the vendor is in the process will vary -- but again, mostly all are mostly working with each other to make it go. If it's not working, simply pick up the phone and calmly ask them for a status update. Also, please keep in mind that you're likely one of a few hundred folks who have an urgent need and this smash-cut by the LCB is a classic Thundering Herd type problem -- (too much load, not enough capacity for a flash-flood type event)

[3] The way this will get implemented in different ways between different softwares -- you'll have to get specific instructions from your technology vendor.