CCRS Access Denied

Your LCB Primary email address, SAW account email address, and/or the email address you enter for CCRS are the cause. If there is a discrepancy between the addresses, you will get this error. You may also get this error if, for security purposes, you've made a secondary SAW account.


To fix this issue you must inform the LCB via email.

Please have an entity member (PERSON_NAME) email with your License # (#LICENSE_NUMBER), a contact # (PHONE_NUMBER), current email (OLD_EMAIL) and the new email (NEW_EMAIL) address.

Like this:

Subject: CCRS Email Update for #LICENSE_NUMBER

I'm getting an access denied error message when I sign in to CCRS.
Please update my CCRS email address from OLD_EMAIL to NEW_EMAIL.

Very truly yours,

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Update Dec 9th from LCB

Instructions for Initial Login to CCRS

Below you will find additional information for those who have not yet signed into the CCRS system.

Initial Login

The URL will redirect to SAW for authentication.

Use your existing SAW account or create a new one to complete this authentication, as outlined in the CCRS SAW user guide Reminder that SAW has a different URL, When the CCRS Primary Admin user logs in for the first time (after they have signed in to SAW for authentication) they are prompted for their email at the first landing page within CCRS (see picture below).

This email is the Primary email that is associated with their license location(s) The Primary license account email can be validated with your current WSLCB Licensing Specialist or at It does not have to be the email that is used for your SAW account Only one SAW user can associate as the Primary Admin If the incorrect email is entered at this step, or another user in your organization has already completed this step, your account will be locked until you submit a ticket for assistance at Additional users added by the Primary Admin will also get this prompt at first login after they have authenticated via SAW.

Additional users enter the email that matches what was used when their CCRS user account was created by the Primary Admin If an additional users enters the Primary Admin email at this step, the account may be locked and a ticket would be required This association step should not occur at subsequent logins for Primary Admin or additional users For more information on CCRS, please see the CCRS webpage.