Workflow Mode: Transfer Builder V2 - Outgoing B2B Sales

How to Manifest Materials using Transfer Builder V2

  1. From the Dashboard select Wand (Workflow) button. Workflow::Ship-or-Receive01
  2. Under Sales select Ship or Receive. Workflow::Ship-or-Receive02
  3. Enter a License Name or Code in the Sold To License field and select it from the dropdown. Workflow::Ship-or-Receive03
  4. Select Create Outgoing. Workflow::Ship-or-Receive04
  5. Filter by Lots or Products by selecting Select Lots or Select Products. Workflow::Ship-or-Receive05
  6. Enter a quantity to be shipped from each Lot, or select the Blue Checkbox to select the max weight/count. Workflow::Ship-or-Receive06
  7. Select Next. Workflow::Ship-or-Receive07
  8. Select a modifier if this is a Lab or Vendor sample, then select Next. Workflow::Ship-or-Receive08
  9. Enter a Unit Price.
    • Select Unit Price to auto-fill the column with same price. Select Next. Workflow::Ship-or-Receive09
  10. Select the Depart and Arrive times, Delivery Method, Driver, and Vehicle. Workflow::Ship-or-Receive10
  11. Select Next. Workflow::Ship-or-Receive11
  12. Review all details and select Commit to issue the Sales ID and generate the Manifest. Workflow::Ship-or-Receive12

Alternative Method 1

  1. From the Dashboard select Sales button. Workflow::Ship-or-Receive13
  2. Select Truck icon in the upper-right corner. Workflow::Ship-or-Receive14
  3. Select Create. Workflow::Ship-or-Receive15
  4. Follow steps 3-12 from above.

Alternative Method 2

Use this method when selecting directly from your Inventory to add to a V2 Transfer Builder Manifest.

  1. First enable the V2 Transfer Builder as your default manifest option.
    • Select Gears. Workflow::Ship-or-Receive16
    • Select Settings. Workflow::Ship-or-Receive17
    • Select Manifest. Workflow::Ship-or-Receive18
    • Under Transaction Builder select Transaction Builder - Default (V2). Workflow::Ship-or-Receive19
    • Select Save. Workflow::Ship-or-Receive20
  2. Select Inventory. Workflow::Ship-or-Receive21
  3. Select some items to be shipped. Workflow::Ship-or-Receive22
  4. Select Ship. Workflow::Ship-or-Receive23
  5. Follow steps 7-12 from above.