Share Transfer Details

Send Manifest Transfer Details by Email, SMS, Etc.

  1. From the Dashboard select Sales. B2B-Sales::Outgoing-Share01
  2. Select an Outgoing Sale ID. B2B-Sales::Outgoing-Share02
  3. Select the Down Arrow button next to Share to view the share options. Select Share to view the client-facing view. B2B-Sales::Outgoing-Share03
  4. You may share by completing any of the following actions:
    • Select Share Link to copy the Share Link - Share Link is a public link that contains all documents for Manifest, Invoice, JSON, etc. Allows copy/paste to any platform.
    • Select WCIA Data Link to copy the JSON file - WCIA Data Link is just the JSON link for easy transfer.
    • Select @ Send Email (your email) to compose an email - opens a new message in your email client that is populated with the share data. B2B-Sales::Outgoing-Share04