Commit Manifest Data to the CCRS System

Easily submit the required data to the LCB

  1. From the Dashboard select Sales. B2B-Sales::CCRS-Commit01
  2. Select an outgoing B2B Sales ID. B2B-Sales::CCRS-Commit02
  3. Enter the email address in the Sold By and Sold To sections (select the blue Floppy Disc button to save.) B2B-Sales::CCRS-Commit03
  4. Select Commit. B2B-Sales::CCRS-Commit04
  5. Select the CCRS Commit button and enter the CAPTCHA code. B2B-Sales::CCRS-Commit05
  6. Select the CCRS Contingency Manifest button to print out the LCB manifest that goes with your OpenTHC/WeedTraQR physical manifest. B2B-Sales::CCRS-Commit06
  7. Share the WCIA/JSON link and other information as usual. B2B-Sales::CCRS-Commit07